Official 2013 Spousal Impoverishment and Home Equity Figures Released

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has released its Spousal Impoverishment Standards for 2013 and they confirm the earlier projections of Pennsylvania ElderLawAnswers member Jeff Marshall, who based his estimates on the consumer price index for urban consumers for September and which we reported in October

For the record, the official spousal impoverishment allowances for 2013 are as follows (we include Medicaid's home equity limits, which Mr. Marshall did not project):

Minimum Community Spouse Resource Allowance: $23,184

Maximum Community Spouse Resource Allowance: $115,920

Maximum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance: $2,898

The minimum monthly maintenance needs allowance for the lower 48 states remains $1,891.25 (2,365 for Alaska and 2,176.25 for Hawaii) until July 1, 2013.

Home Equity Limits:

Minimum:   536,000

Maximum:  802,000

For CMS's complete chart of the 2013 SSI and Spousal Impoverishment Standards, click here

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