Book Review: Alive and Kicking: Legal Advice for Boomers

Kenney F. Hegland, Robert B. Fleming. Alive and Kicking: Legal Advice for Boomers. Carolina Academic Press, Durham, North Carolina. 2007. 266 pages. $24.95 at Amazon.

Alive and Kicking is a lively and entertaining book full of advice to baby boomers on putting their own affairs in order as well as helping their parents with the problems they face as they age.

The authors, both elder law attorneys from Arizona, cover almost every topic imaginable in an easy-to-read and humorous style. The subjects treated range from Social Security, estate planning and tax breaks to sex, driving and euthanasia. The first part of the book is designed to be read by everyone and provides information on living wills, the aging process, and protecting one's identity and avoiding scams. The remaining sections are intended to be read only if a specific issue arises, such as retirement or a disability in the family.

The practical information is leavened with amusing quotes and references to books, music, movies, and poetry. Woody Allen, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and the Beatles all make cameo appearances. While Alive and Kicking does not provide in-depth information on any one topic, it is an entertaining way to get some practical advice about issues that aging boomers are increasingly facing.