Can I Collect Social Security Benefits While I'm Working?

Yes, you can collect Social Security benefits while working, but it may not make sense to do so.

Many people continue to work beyond retirement, either by choice or out of necessity. But if you decide to start receiving Social Security benefits, you need to be aware of how working can affect your benefit payments. Earning income above Social Security thresholds can cause a reduction in benefits and mean your benefits will be taxed.

If you work and are at full retirement age or older, you can earn as much as you want and your benefits will not be reduced, although they may be taxed if you earn above a certain level. If you are younger than full retirement age and already collecting Social Security, there is a limit to how much you can earn and still receive full benefits. Whether it makes sense to work and collect Social Security at the same time is a complicated assessment that depends on how much you earn and when you begin taking Social Security benefits.

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