Guides Explain Medicare and Medicaid Coverage for the Disabled

The Kaiser Family Foundation has released two new guides that explain the role of Medicare and Medicaid for roughly 20 million children, adults and seniors with disabilities.

The guides offer a basic introduction to the Medicare and Medicaid programs, including answers to questions such as:

  • How do people with disabilities apply for coverage under Medicare or Medicaid?

  • What is Medicare's policy for covering durable medical equipment?

  • Where can people with disabilities turn if they need help in applying for Medicaid?

  • How do people with disabilities appeal Medicare coverage decisions?

  • Can a person with a disability who has Medicare and/or Medicaid be employed and still keep their coverage?

To access the guides, Navigating Medicare and Medicaid, 2005 and Keeping Medicare and Medicaid When You Work, 2005, go to: