Handbook of Geriatric Care Management


[This article was originally published on February 3, 2003.  The links were updated on August 24, 2018.]

IHandbook of Geriatric Care Management/I

Cathy Cress, Handbook of Geriatric Care Management. (Aspen Publishers, Inc., Gaithersburg, MD: 2001). Amazon.com price: $55.00 (click on book to find).

As more Americans lead longer lives, there is a growing need for professionals to help the elderly coordinate services and stave off institutionalization. This role is increasingly being filled by 'geriatric care managers.' Usually with a background in either social work, nursing, or psychology, these experts evaluate an older person's needs, review the options available, and monitor care once it is being delivered.

If you are a professional who is considering entering this burgeoning field of caregivers, the Handbook of Geriatric Care Management is probably a 'must have' volume. Written by a star-studded group of contributors in the care management field, the book provides an overview of what geriatric case management is and how to effectively practice in this new discipline.

The Handbook covers both the business and clinical dimensions of a care management practice. Of particular interest to many would-be geriatric care managers will be the detailed discussions of marketing and financial issues--areas in which nurses and social workers are not known for their prowess. Chapters cover such topics as 'How to Begin or Add a Geriatric Care Management Business,' 'Revenue Sources for Geriatric Care Managers,' 'Improving Care and Profitability through Integrated Information,' and 'Care Management Credentialing.'

Other sections help care managers do their jobs more effectively. Readers gain valuable advice on managing ethical dilemmas, working with families, performing geriatric assessments, and handling dementia and depression.

The book is filled with checklists, evaluations of assessment instruments, and a number of reprinted assessment forms. Of particular interest to members of the public is a checklist on page 175, 'How To Find a Qualified Geriatric Care Manager.'

For anyone considering entering the field of geriatric care management'”or for those already in the field who want to improve their efficiency or effectiveness'”the Handbook of Geriatric Care Management will probably be well worth the textbook price.