Help in Providing Care From a Distance

In our mobile society it's not uncommon for parents and children to live in different parts of the country or the world. When aging parents need care, it can be difficult to address their needs from afar. Feelings of guilt can arise, coupled with a sense of being overwhelmed by the challenges of arranging caregiving. Fortunately, help is available for long-distance caregivers. Following are some key resources:

  • Sunrise At Home is a new program of Sunrise Assisted Living that provides assisted living services in a person's own home. Call 1-888-AT HOME3 (284-6633) or visit
  • SeniorBridge offers both care management and home care services. Call 1-888-321-6161 or visit
  • The Eldercare Locator can help you find services in the community that may be able to offer assistance. Call toll-free 1-800-677-1116 or visit
  • A geriatric care manager can assess and manage your parents' care. To locate one, visit
  • The National Family Caregivers Association offers assistance and advocacy. Visit
  • The AARP Web page on 'Long-Distance Caregiving' includes many helpful tips and links. Visit