ElderLawAnswers is a service created by a practicing elder law attorney — Harry S. Margolis — for elder law attorneys. Juggling staying up-to-date on the law, representing your clients, bringing in new clients, and managing your law office can be a difficult, on-going challenge. We’re here to help you keep two of those balls in the air — staying up-to-date on the law and bringing in new clients — and, to mix metaphors, to hit them out of the park. The ElderLawAnswers team consists of leaders in the field of elder law, experienced writers and editors, experienced Internet marketers, and a crew of software engineers. For more than a decade, we have provided our members:

  • Listings on the leading consumer-information site on the Internet with 200,000+ unique visitors a month
  • Updates on developments in the law
  • A knowledge bank of elder law cases and documents
  • The Website Builder, and easy-to-create website
  • A monthly e-mail newsletter to send to clients and referral sources

Harry Margolis

Harry S. Margolis is the founder and President of ElderLawAnswers. An elder law attorney since 1987, Mr. Margolis is also the founder and managing attorney of Margolis & Bloom, a law firm specializing in elder law based in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the editor of The ElderLaw Report and The ElderLaw Portfolio Series and author of the ElderLaw Forms Manual, all published by Wolters Kluwer. Mr. Margolis is a fellow of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) and of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC) and has been a member of the adjunct faculty of Boston College Law School.

Ken Coughlin

Ken Coughlin brings 35 years of publishing experience to ElderLawAnswers. He has been co-editor of The ElderLaw Report since 1992, and was an editor of The ElderLaw Portfolio Series. Before joining ElderLawAnswers in 2001, Mr. Coughlin was Editorial Director of Faulkner & Gray's Healthcare Information Center, a publishing unit of Thomson Financial; managing editor of the magazine Insurance Review; and a managing editor at McGraw-Hill, Inc.

Mark Miller

Mark Miller is the Director of Product and Business Development at ElderLawAnswers. His responsibilities include product development, marketing and user experience . Mr. Miller brings over 15 years of experience in business development and marketing for web-based service providers. Past projects have included consulting for McDonald Investments (division of KeyCorp.), Director of Technology Partnership for Food.com and executing web development or licensing agreements with companies such as Noggin (Viacom), FoxFamily, The Discovery Channel and LEGO.

Stephanie Cole

Stephanie Cole is the Director of Member Recruitment at ElderLawAnswers, the Academy of Special Needs Planners, and the Director of Operations at ElderLawNet, Inc. Ms. Cole previously worked as an executive in the Healthcare Administration field for over 25 years where she specialized in new practice development, credentialing and compliance.