How Not to go Broke at 102!: Achieving Everlasting Wealth

Adriane Berg. How Not to go Broke at 102!: Achieving Everlasting Wealth. John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, New Jersey. 2004. 286 pages.

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We are all living longer, so how do we make our money last and get the most out of our extended old age? That is the question posed by Adriane Berg, elder law attorney, radio advice show host, consultant, and author of How Not to go Broke at 102! Her book provides a framework to think about the issues surrounding our increased longevity.

The book is divided into sections on working, home, family, health, and money. According to Berg, because we are living so long, people are going to need second careers. She surveys the job landscape for older individuals, and with personal anecdotes from her own life, Berg describes how it is possible to follow your dreams. She also discusses how to choose where to live in retirement, how to deal with family issues from parents coming to live with you to children moving back in, how to pay for health care, and how to make sure you are investing enough now for retirement.

While the book is not a practical guide to retirement planning, it does provide some good ways to think about getting older, helping you figure out exactly what you want out of retirement and what you can do to achieve it.