MARCH 10-12, 2016


2016 ASNP Meeting Platinum Sponsor

2016 ASNP National Conference Steering Comittee

Patti Elrod Hill

Raymond Falcon

Travis Finchum

Emily Kile

Scott MacDonald

Melanie Marmion

Nancy Spain

Kevin Urbatsch
Nat. Director


ABC's of Public Benefits
By David Lillesand
  • 01-Lillesand-BASICS-Understanding-SSI-2016.pdf
  • 02-Lillesand-BASICS-POMS-Relevnt-to-SN-Planning-2016.pdf
  • 03-ASNP-Lillesand-Basics-PowerPoint-2016-FINAL.pdf
  • 03-ASNP-Lillesand-Basics-PowerPoint-2016-FINAL-Notes.pdf
ABC's of Special Needs and Settlement Planning
First part taught by Kevin Urbatsch and Michele Fuller. Second part taught by Emily Kile and Patricia Elrod Hill
  • 00-Powerpoint Handout-3-slides-to-a-page.pdf
  • 00-Settlement-Planning-for-Minor-or-Adult-with-Special-NeedsPPT.pdf
  • ACA-Planning-Flowchart.pdf
  • Affordable-Care-Acts-Financial-Effect-on-Settlement-Planning.pdf
  • Chart-Comparing-SNT-with-ABLE-Account.pdf
  • d-4-A-SNT-Checklist.pdf
  • Disabilty-Needs-Evaluation.pdf
  • Evaluating-Pooled-Trust-Programs.pdf
  • Is-a-Medicare-Set-Aside-Necessary.pdf
  • No-Brainer-Distribution-List.pdf
  • Personal-Services-Contract-for-Life-SSA-Examples.pdf

Main Program

SSI Update
Speakers: David Lillesand
  • 02a-Lillesand PowerPoint-SSI UPDATE 2016-NotesFormat.pdf
  • 02a-Lillesand-PowerPoint-SSI-UPDATE2016.pdf
  • 02b-Lillesand-SSI UPDATE-Materials 1-SSI-UpdateASNP-2016.pdf
  • 02c-Lillesand-SSI-UPDATE-Materials-2-Relevant-POMS-2016.pdf
SNTs & Retirement Benefits
Speakers: Melanie Marmion
  • 03-00-Retirement-Plans-and-SNTs-PPT.pdf
  • 03-00-Retirement-Plans-and-SNTs-Tucson-Notes.pdf
  • 03-EXHIBIT-C.pdf
  • 03-EXHIBIT-D.pdf
  • 03-EXHIBIT-E.pdf
  • 03-EXHIBIT-F.pdf
  • 03-EXHIBIT-G.pdf
Recent Trends in Special Needs Planning
Speakers: Blaine Brockman
  • 04-ASNP-Master-Prest-BBrockman.pdf
Proper Use of Structured Settlement Annuities and Special Needs Trusts in Settlement Planning
Speakers: Jack Meligan, Joseph Tombs and A. Frank Johns
  • 05-ASNPSSP-Joint-Session-Questions-Asked-to-Panelists.pdf
  • 05a-SSP-and-ASNP-MANUSCRIPT-Joint-Session.pdf
  • 05-Meligan-Interview-Paper.pdf
  • 05-UAJ-Settlement-Planning-Article-Tombs-Maxwell.pdf
Identifying and Handling "Tricky Issues" in SNT Administration
Speakers: Larry Racomora
  • 06a-Tricky-issues-outline-for-ASNP-program-2016b.pdf
  • 06b-Tricky-issues-outline-for-ASNP-program-2016-ExhA.pdf

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2016 ASNP National Meeting Exhibitors
National Care Advisors
Definiti Healthcare Management
Wells Fargo Special Needs Trust Services
Mobility Support Systems
The James Street Group, LLC
Midland Settlement Trust Group
Colvent Group Inc.
ARC of the US
Raising Special Kids
Guardian Trust
Commonwealth Community Trust
First International Bank & Trust
TEAM Risk Management Strategies
Client Maintenance Academy
Zia Trust, Inc.