APRIL 12-14, 2018 IN LAS VEGAS, NV


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2018 ASNP National Conference Steering Comittee

Ray Falcon

Jessica Farinas

Scott MacDonald

Harry Margolis

Kelly Piacenti
Advisory Board

Laura Stubberud

Kevin Urbatsch
Nat. Director

Elizabeth Vincent

Marjorie Wolasky


Pre-Session 1: Top Tips for Drafting the World's Best Third Party Special Needs Trusts
Speakers: Kevin Urbatsch, Michele Fuller
  • Boilerplate Provisions in a Special Needs Trust copy.pdf
  • Draft Third Party SNT copy.docx
  • Drafting the World's Greatest Third Party SNT copy.docx
  • Letter to Family Members copy.doc
  • Memo of Intent Guidelines copy.docx
  • PS1-Drafting 3d Party SNT-HOFormat.pdf
  • PS1-Drafting 3d Party SNT-PPT.pdf
  • PowerPoint Handout Drafting 3d Party SNT.pdf
  • Sample Memo of Intent From Client copy.pdf
  • Sample of Memo of Intent from Client2 copy.docx
  • Third Party SNT Intake copy.doc
Pre-Session 2: Basics of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for Persons with Disabilities
Speakers: David Lillesand
  • PS2-00-Lillesand ASNP Pre-Session Basics of SSI-2perPage.pdf
  • PS2-00-Lillesand ASNP Pre-Session Basics of SSI-HOFormat.pdf
  • PS2-01 Lillesand BASICS - Understanding SSI.pdf
  • PS2-02 Lillesand 2018 Compendium of POMS related to Special Needs Practice.pdf
  • PS2-2018 MATRIX.pdf
  • PS2-Five-Step Seq Eval Process.pdf
  • PS2-SSA Appeals Flowchart.pdf
Pre-Session 3: Basics of Financial Planning for Persons with Disabilities
Speakers: Scott MacDonald, Ann Koerner, Kevin McGrath and Jerry Hulick
  • PS3-ASNP-McGrath-Koerner.pdf
  • PS3-Hulick.pdf
  • PS3-John Doe SNT Financial Goal Analysis.pdf
  • PS3-Life Care Planner Notes.pdf
  • PS3-MacDonald.pdf
Pre-Session 4: Part I of II Special Needs Planning Basics
Speakers: Vincent Russo
  • PS4-Special Needs Planning Basics Part I of II Outline - Final-180327JC.PDF
Pre-Session 4: Part II of II Basics of Special Needs Trust Administration
Speakers: Herb Thomas, Susan Katzen and Melissa Lader Barnhardt
  • SAK Handouts.zip
  • PS4-Basic SNT AdmGroup Final version 2 3918-2perpage.pdf
  • PS4-Basic SNT AdmGroup Final version 2 3918-HOFormat.pdf
  • PS4-Basic SNT AdmGroup Final version 2 3918.pdf

Main Program

New POMS on SNTs: Everything You Need to Know
Speakers: David Lillesand and Kenneth Brown
  • GS1a-Ken Brown PowerPoint with David add on ABLE - ASNP April 2018Final-2PerPg.pdf
  • GS1a-Ken Brown PowerPoint with David add on ABLE - ASNP April 2018Final-HOFormat.pdf
  • GS1c-Lillesand 2018 Compendium of POMS related to Special Needs Practice-FInal.pdf
  • GS1d-ASNP Conference Paper April 2018-KenBrown.pdf
New POMS on SNTs: How Does It Affect Special Needs Planning
Speakers: David Lillesand
  • GS2-Panel Response to New POMS-Final-2perPage.pdf
  • GS2-Panel Response to New POMS-Final-HOFormat.pdf
Childhood Disabled Beneficiary Benefits
Speakers: Avram Sacks
  • GS3-Childrens Disability Benefits (ASNP - Las Vegas - 2018)-rev.pdf
Asset Protection: Are Special Needs Trust's Protected from the Beneficiary's Creditors
Speakers: Brian Steadman
  • GS4-Asset Protection Outline-Steadman.pdf
How to be Gracious Without Walking on Eggshells: Seven Themes for Working with Persons with Disabilities
Speakers: Linda Fitzpatrick
  • GS5-P1 Disability Inclusion - Seven Themes.pdf
  • GS5-P2 ASPN Fitzpatrick Handout.pdf
  • GS5-PPT-TheSofterSideofService.pdf
National Non-Profits for Persons with Disabilities - Charitable Purpose and Ways Families Give Back
Speakers: Kelly Piacenti, Peter Berns, Brian Patchett, Louise Vetter Kari Rose Beck and Anita Porco
  • GS6-2018 ASNP NPO Panel v2.pdf
Ask the Experts (aka "Stump the Chump")
Moderator: Kevin Urbatsch
Experts: Kelly Piacenti, David Lillesand, Travis Finchum and more
  • Saturday STUMP THE CHUMPS.pdf

2018 ASNP National Meeting Bronze Exhibitors

2018 ASNP National Meeting Exhibitors

Annandale Village
Bayada Home HealthC
CommonWealth Community Trusts
Cumberland Trusts
Good Shepherd Fund
Guardian Trust
Krause Financial Services
Law Clerk
Mobility Support Systems, LLC
National Care Advisors
Peak Trust Company (Las Vegas)
RBC Trust Company Ltd
Secured Futures
Stephen's Place