MAY 2-4, 2019 IN CHICAGO, IL


2019 ASNP Meeting Platinum Sponsor

2019 ASNP National Conference Steering Comittee

Blaine Brockman

Nancy Fisher Chudacoff

Harry Margolis

Melanie Marmion

Kevin McGrath

Nancy Spain

Kevin Urbatsch
Nat. Director

Theresa Varnet

Mike Walther


Pre-Session 1: Part I of II: Basics of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for Persons with Disabilities
Speakers: David Lillesand
  • PS1-Pt1-2019+ASNP+Lillesand+Pre-Session+Basics+of+SSI-PPT.pdf
  • PS1C-Lillesand+BASICS+-+Understanding+SSI.pdf
  • PS1D-2019+MATRIX+COLOR.pdf
  • PS1a-Five-Step+Seq+Eval+Process.pdf
  • PS1b-SSA+Appeals+Flowchart.pdf
Pre-session 1: Part II of II: Basics of Special Needs Planning
Speakers: Nancy Fisher Chudacoff, Esq.
  • xASNP-conf-2019-PS1-Part2PPT-NFC.pdf
  • zPS1-Pt2-Thu02May-Basics+of+SNP-OutlineNFC1.pdf
Pre-session 2: Financial Planning for Persons with Disabilities
Speakers: Jerry Hulick, Kevin McGrath, CFP®, ChSNC® Kelly Piacenti and and Michael C Walther, II, CPA/PFS, CFP®
  • 01-PS2-Walther-+ASNP+2019+Conference+Presentation+May+2+2019.pdf
  • 01b-2019+SPECIAL+NEEDS+ADVISORY+-+Top+10+Special+Needs+Planning+Mistakes.pdf
  • 01c-2019+SPECIAL+NEEDS+ADVISORY+-+Top+10+Special+Needs+Planning+Tips.pdf
  • 01d-Special+Needs+Acronyms+2019.pdf
  • 01eUnderstanding+Public+Benefits.pdf
  • 02a-The+Gift-McGrath.pdf
  • 02b-How-to-Write-A-Memorandum-of-Intent.pdf
  • 02c-Your+Financial+and+Personal+Information+Document.pdf
  • 03-ASNP+Conference+2019+-+Piacenti-Hulick.pdf
Pre-session 3: Special Needs Trust Administration: How the New 2018 POMS Changes SNT Administration
Speakers: Erin Boerschel, Dan Cutter, Herb Thomas, Michele Fuller, Esq., and Kevin Urbatsch, Esq.
  • 01+new++200-203+FINAL+SNT+2018++POMS+with+TOC.pdf
  • 02+new+200+POMS+showing+subtantive+additions+deletions.pdf
  • 03+new+201+POMS+showing+substantive+additions+deletions.pdf
  • 04+new++202+POMS+showing+substantive+additions+deletions.pdf
  • 05+new++203+POMS+showing+substantive+additions+deletions.pdf
  • 06+new+ABLE+POMS+showing+substantive+additions+deletions.pdf
  • AA+-+Agenda+SNT+Administration.pdf
  • AB+-+Beneficiary+Reimbursement+Form.pdf
  • AC+-+Beneficiary+Handout+-+How+to+Use+Our+Services+-+Pink+(2).docx
  • AD+-+Beneficiary+Disbursement+Request+Form.docx
  • AE+-+Automobile+Agreement.docx
  • AF+-+SSA+Reporting+Requirements.docx
  • AG+-+Purchasing+a+Home+Procedure.docx
  • Handout+PowerPoint+-+SNT+Administration.pdf
  • SNT+Admin+Basics+-+ASNP+Program.pptx

Main Program

Session 1: Recent Developments in Social Security Law Concerning Special Needs Planning
Speakers: David Lillesand, Esq.
  • GS1a-Lillesand.ASNP.CHI.-.SSI.Update-PPT.pdf
  • GS1b-Lillesand.Compendium.of.New.2018.POMS.with.TOC.pdf
  • GS1c-Lillesand.SSI.Update.Materials.for.ASNP.CHI.2019.pdf
  • GS1d-One.Page.d4A.SNT.without.Annotations.pdf
Session 2: New Developments and Creative Strategies in Using ABLE Accounts
Speakers: Blaine Brockman, Esq., Kevin McGrath CFP®, ChSNC® and Michael C Walther, II, CPA/PFS, CFP®
  • GS2-ABLE.Account.Comparison.for.All.States.May.2019-Walther.pdf
Session 3: Exploring the Rubik’s Cube of Tax Issues in 3rd Party Special Needs Planning
Speakers: Melanie Marmion, Esq.
  • GS3-ExploringRubiksCubeofTaxIssues3rdPartySNPsPPT.pdf
Session 4: Case Studies for Coordinating Public Benefits and Private Funds for a Higher Quality of Life
Speakers: Ann Koerner, RN, BSN, CRRN
  • GS4-Public-Private.Collaboration.FinalPPT.pdf
  • GS4-Resources.-.ASNP.2019.pdf
  • GS4-Social.Security.-.The.Red.Book.-.What.s.New.In.2019.pdf
  • GS4-The.Red.Book.2018.pdf
Session 5: Putting it All Together: Special Needs Case Study Issue Spotting and Resolving
Speakers: Terrie Varnet Esq., Melanie Marmion, Esq., Cynthia Haddad, CFP, Nancy Fisher Chudacoff, Esq.
  • GS5-Issue.Spotting.Presentation.NFC.rev.with.Edits.v3.CRHPPT.pdf
Session 6: Assisting in Finding (Their) Desired Housing Solutions
Speakers: Jackie Eddy, Ann Sickon and Terrie Varnet, Esq.
Session 7: Ask the Experts (aka "Stump the Chump") / Closing Remarks
Moderator: Kevin Urbatsch

2019 ASNP National Meeting Bronze Exhibitors

2019 ASNP National Meeting Exhibitors

Annandale Village
Comerica Bank
Commonwealth Community Trust
Flying Angels
Guardian Trust
Krause Financial Services
Life's Plan Inc.
Medivest Benefit Advisors, Inc.
Midland Trust Company
Midwest Special Needs Trust
Mobility Support Systems
National Care Advisors
Secured Alliance
Stephen’s Place
Team Risk Management Strategy
Wells Fargo Special Needs Trust Services