April 16-24, 2020 ONLINE


2020 ASNP Virtual Meeting Platinum Sponsor

2020 ASNP Virtual Meeting Steering Comittee

Tom Begley, III

Pat Bergmaier

Elizabeth Homes

Harry Margolis

Kelly Piacenti

Aimee Rudman

Nancy Spain

Kevin Urbatsch
Nat. Director

Theresa Varnet

Marjorie Wolasky


Pre-session 1: Planning a 3-Person Retirement
Speakers: Pat Bergmaier and Jamie Hopkins
  • PS1-1-Planning+a+3-Person+Retirement-HopkinsBergmaier-HOFormat.pdf
Pre-session 1: Tax Overview with a Focus on the Medical Expense Deduction for Families Caring for Individuals with Special Needs
Speakers: Thomas Brinker
  • PS1-2-MedicalExpensesinSNP-BrinkerFinalASNP+TMB-HOFormat.pdf
Pre-session 1: Special Needs Financial Professional Panel
Speakers: Matt Stagner, Voya Financial, Robert Johnston, MassMutual, Pat Bergmaier, Penn Mutual, Branden Sacks, Merrill Lynch, Robert Mascali, Esq.
  • PS1-3-2020+ASNP-PPT-Panel+Session-Kelly+Piacenti.pdf
Pre-session 1: Estate Planning and Digital Assets
Speakers: Robert Mascali, Esq.
  • PS1-4-EstatePlanningDigitalAssets-Mascali-HOFormat.pdf
Pre-session 1: How to Evaluate Financial Planners
Speakers: Kelly Piacenti and Jerry Hulick
  • PS1-5-HowToEvaluateFinancialPlanners-HOFormat.pdf
Pre-session 1: Special Needs Planning Integration with Veterans Benefits
Speakers: Richard L. Newman
  • PS1-6aVeterans+Benefits+and+Special+Needs+Planning-PPTHOFormat.pdf
  • PS1-6bVeterans+Benefits+and+Special+Needs+Planning-Outline.pdf
  • PS1-6c-Exhibit+A.pdf
  • PS1-6dExhibit+B.pdf
  • PS1-6e-Veterans+Disability+Compensation+Rates+Websites.pdf
Pre-session 2: Fundamentals of Public Benefits for Persons with Disabilities
Speakers: Theresa Varnet and Travis Finchum
  • PS2-ASNP-2020+PS2-ASNPTemplateFinal-HOFormat.pdf
Pre-session 3: Drafting the World’s Greatest Third-Party Special Needs Trust
Speakers: Michele Fuller and Kevin Urbatsch
  • PS3-ASNP's+Guide+to+Drafting+World's+Best+SNT.docx
  • PS3-Drafting+World's+Greatest+3rd+Party+SNT.pdf
  • PS3-Letter+to+Family+Members.doc
  • PS3-Memo+of+Intent+Guidelines.docx
  • PS3-Pennell's+Article+-+Boilerplate+Provisions+in+a+Special+Needs+Trust.pdf
  • PS3-SSA+Funding+Letter.doc
  • PS3-Sample+Memo+of+Intent+From+Client.pdf
  • PS3-Sample+of+Memo+of+Intent+from+Client2.docx
Pre-session 4: Avoiding Common Pitfalls During SNT Administration
Speakers: Richard L. Newman
  • PS4-02-20+Avoiding+Common+Pitfalls+in+Trust+Administration.finalASNPTemplate-HOFormat.pdf
Pre-session 5: Appealing the Adverse SSA Decision on Special Needs Trusts
Speakers: David Lillesand and Kevin Urbatsch
  • PS5-+Lillesand+-+Appealing-HOFormat.pdf
  • PS5-Lillesand+Final+Written+Materials.pdf
Session 1: Understanding of POMS New and Old
Speakers: Ken Brown
  • GS1-2020+ASNP+Conference+Materials+-+Brown.pdf
  • GS1-ASNP-2020+Brown+SSI+Update+-HOFormat.pdf
Session 2: Understanding Medicare Set Aside Arrangements (MSAs) for Persons with Disabilities
Speakers: Joe Anderson
  • GS2-2020+LMSP+Medivest+ASNP-Anderson-HOFormat.pdf
Session 3: Fixing the Defective Special Needs Trust by Using a State’s Decanting or Modification Laws
Speakers: Amy Fanzlaw
  • GS3-ASNP+Fixing+Defective+SNTs.pdf
  • GS3-Fixing+Defective+SNTs+-+ASNP+2020+-+Fanzlaw-PPTHOFormat.pdf
Session 4: Professionally Traversing the Intersection Between Special Needs and Family Law Issues
Speakers: Emily Kile
  • GS4-ASNP+COLA+Fact+Sheet.pdf
  • GS4-ASNP+Social+Security+References+(1).pdf
  • GS4-Child+Support+Laws+-+links.pdf
  • GS4-Traversing+the+Intersection+Between+Special+Needs+and+Family+Law-PPTHOFormat.pdf
Session 5: Advanced Strategies for Enhancing Person with Disabilities’ Quality of Life
Speakers: Michael Gilfix and Mark Gilfix
  • GS5-Gilfix+Russo+Quality+of+Life-HOFormat.pdf
  • GS5-Seminar+covid.pdf
Session 6: Taxation of Persons with Disabilities: Knowing the Rules to Help Your Clients
Speakers: Thomas Brinker
  • GS6-2020+ASNP+Financing+SNP+Webinar+FINAL-BrinkerASNPPPT-HOFormat.pdf
  • GS6-2020+MM+Tax+Saving++Financing+Opportunites+for+Medical+Expenses.pdf
  • GS6-Brinker+Tax+Checklist+2019-20+with+Page+Border+EXT.CARES+Update.pdf
Session 7: SECURE Act and Special Needs Planning: The Latest Updates
Speakers: Melanie Marmion
  • GS7-The+Secure+Act-PPTHOFormat.pdf

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