April 26 - April 30, 2021 ONLINE


2021 ASNP Virtual Meeting Platinum Sponsor

2021 ASNP Virtual Meeting Steering Comittee

Neil P. Archibald

Frank R. Acuña

Blaine P. Brockman, Esq.

Josh L. Brothers

Thomas M. Brinker

Samuel A. Donaldson

Michael Edgel

Travis Finchum

Bradley J. Frigon

Gordon F. Homes

Lara Hruska

Doug Jackson

Ann Koerner

David Lillesand

Darryl Lynch

Kacy Seitz

Kevin Urbatsch

Olga Villaseñor


Att Pre-session 1: Basics of Public Benefits for Persons with Disabilities
Speakers: Kevin Urbatsch
  • PS1-Public Benefits Fundamentals-Urbatsch-HOFormat.pdf
FP Pre-session 1: Fundamentals of Financial Planning for Persons with Disabilities: Evaluating the Real Costs of Future Care and Selecting the Right Funding Strategy
Speakers: Gordon Homes and Kacy Seitz
  • ASNP-2021VirtualConferenceHomesSeitz-HOFormat.pdf.pdf
Att Pre-session 2: Fundamentals of Estate Planning for a Person with a Disability
Speakers: Travis Finchum
  • Estate Planning for a Person with a Disability.pdf
  • ASNPFundamentals on Estate Planning-Finchum-HOformat.pdf
FP Pre-session 2: ABLE Accounts: Recent Developments and Current Uses
Speakers: Douglas Jackson and Blaine Brockman
  • ABLE NRC IRS Final Rule KeyTakeaways.pdf
  • Academy of Special Needs Planners - ABLE 2021_BrockmanJackson-HOFormat.pdf
  • Federal Register Final Regs.pdf
Att Pre-session 3: Special Needs Trust Administration: The Dos and Don’ts
Speakers: Neil Archibald
  • ASNP-2021VirtualConferencePPT.pdf
  • PS3-ASNP-2021VirtualConference-Archibald-HOFormat.pdf
Att Pre-session 4: Fundamentals of Settlement Planning for Persons with Disabilities
Speakers: Josh Brothers
  • Fundamentals of Settlement Planning.pdf
FP Pre-session 3: Taxation Strategies for Persons with Disabilities and Their Families
Speakers: Thomas Brinker
  • Tax -SNP-Brinker ASNP 2021_HOFormat.pdf
Att Pre-session 5: Settlement Planning Case Studies
Speakers: Josh Brothers, Moderator; Michael Edgel and Brad Frigon
  • 20210425 fact patterns jlb.pdf
FP Pre-session 4: Inherited IRA's Special Needs Trusts: Evaluating Fees, Solutions, Options and Cost Savings
Speakers: Darryl Lynch
  • PS4fin-FINAL ASNP Presentation ver 1.6.3 dtd 2021.04.26Updated.pdf


Session 1: SSA’s Regional Team Review of Special Needs Trusts
Speakers: Olga Villaseñor
  • ASNP-2021VirtualConferencePPTT-Olga Villasenor-HOFormat.pdf
Session 2: Keynote Presentation: Fifty Shades of J: Understanding the Federal Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates
Speakers: Samuel Donaldson
  • Fifty Shades of J 2021 SNTs-HOFormat.pdf
Session 3: Prudent Investment and Related Fiduciaries Duties
Speakers: Josh Brothers
  • GS3-20210412 prudent investment and related fiduciary duties .pdf
  • GS3-20210412 Prudent Investor Materials jlb.pdf
Session 4: The SECURE Act: An Opportunity for Special Needs Planners
Speakers: Frank R. Acuña
  • The+Secure+Act+PowerPoint-Acuna-HOFormat.pdf
Session 5: Special Education, Tort, and Civil Rights Law
Speakers: Lara Hruska
  • GS5-2021 LRH ASNP PPT-HOFormat.pdf
Session 6: Working While on Supplemental Security Income (SSI): Using the Redbook and Avoiding Loss of Childhood Disabled Beneficiary (CDB) Benefits
Speakers: Ann Koerner
  • ASNP-2021 Benefits While Working.pdf
  • G-SSA-8203-BK-1.pdf
  • IRWE-Request-Form-2021.pdf
  • Social Security - The Red Book - What’s New In 2021.pdf
  • SSA - POMS_ DI 10520.030 - Determining ... How They Are Distributed - 12_17_2020.pdf
  • ssa-545 PASS form.pdf
  • SSI Spotlight on Impairment-Related Work Expenses.pdf
  • The Red Book 2020.pdf
Session 7: Parental Deeming: How Different Income Can Impact Public Benefits for Minors with Disabilities
Speakers: David Lillesand
  • Lillesand - ASNP deeming text materials.pdf
  • Lillesand - Deeming - PowerPoint.pdf
Session 8: Stump the Chump
Speakers: Moderated by Kevin Urbatsch
  • NA

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