British neuroscientist Joseph Jebelli predicts in his new book entitled “In Pursuit of Memory: The Fight Against Alzheimer’s” that a drug will be developed in the next 10 to 20 years that will be given to someone years before they start experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Biomarkers, such as symptoms visible in spinal fluid and blood, would be used to determine early treatment. In the August issue of our Texas Elder Law E-letter, we reported that there is also promising research that medication could be given to a patient which could radiate the retina to determine early symptoms through an eye scan. Jebelli’s theory is to change the course of the disease through delay so that one can die naturally without experiencing symptoms. According to scientists at USC, a five-year delay in Alzheimer’s “would effectively halve the world’s 46 million dementia suffers saving approximately $600 billion in health care services”.

Jebelli is optimistic that in addition to drugs, stem cells could be implanted in Alzheimer’s patients brains to prevent Alzheimer’s disease from developing.

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