Virtual Reality – Improving Understanding and Empathy for Older Adults

Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC is proud to partner with Embodied Labs to bring this state-of-the-art, immersive VR training to our area. Embodied Labs has created authentic, meaningful virtual reality narratives powered by embodied and experiential learning theories. They use an innovative combination of filmmaking, software development, educational design, and interactive media to create engaging experiences. The VR experience allows you to improve the way in which you view the world through the perspectives of your clients, patients, parents, community members, or residents. You develop empathy and understanding of what older adults are experiencing. Now, you can truly get to walk a mile in the shoes of the older adult.

Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC will be presenting one of the labs each quarter throughout the next year. It is our way of giving back and providing education to our community. The first lab that we will be featuring is the Beatriz Lab – where you embody a woman living with Alzheimers – from early to late stages. You will discover how to transform your involvement and knowledge as a caregiver, advocate, or community member. This lab experience explores common questions about providing care for individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease:

  • Is memory the only area impacted by Alzheimer’s Disease? What other abilities or parts of the brain are affected?
  • Why am I having trouble communicating? It seems like my words are not “registering.”
  • How do I make sense of the changed behaviors that I see?
  • How do I provide healthy support and foster independence with their care?
  • Is there any quality of life with Alzheimer’s Disease?
  • I often feel overwhelmed? How do I get support? What is respite?

We offered several of these sessions prior to the Coronavirus pandemic and they were very well received. We are planning to begin offering these sessions, if permitted, in July.

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