How has the Coronavirus or COVID-19 affected our office?

Under the orders issued by the Wisconsin governor, law offices were deemed essential services, and accordingly this office never shut down.  We have made changes, however, in some of our policies and procedures.  Early on, we eliminated all in office appointments, and started doing appointments either by telephone, or by Zoom video, or in some cases, meeting with clients as they sat in their cars.  We also switched from doing documents signings in the office, to document signings at client cars, or in the parking lot. 

Since that time, with the loosening of the restrictions, we have been again accepting in office appointments, but have taken extra steps to make sure that the offices are clean and sanitized.  We require the use of facemasks while clients are here in the office, and the staff and myself all wear facemasks as well.  We are still happy to do appointments by telephone or by Zoom video and meet with clients at their cars in the parking lot to sign documents if you are more comfortable with that.

We are following the state and county guidelines, even though there may not be the force of law, recommending physical distancing of at least six feet between individuals.  We are limiting groups of people to not more than three per group.  We are advising people not to enter the premises if they do have COVID-19 symptoms or have come in contact with anyone with such symptoms within the past 14 days.  Also, in an effort to cut down on the number of people in our waiting room, we have discouraged walk-in clients, but request that people only show up for scheduled appointments.  Even then, we are moving the meeting rooms from one to another, so that we have available time to clean and sanitize the offices before they are used again.  Many of our clients are elderly, disabled, or otherwise vulnerable, so for that reason, we are taking these extra precautions.    

Finally, we have a drop box outside our office for clients to drop off correspondence or documents to us, for those who do not wish to come into the office.  We are also encouraging people to send us documents either by email, or fax when possible. 

Now, more than ever, it is important to make sure that Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and other estate planning documents are completed and up to date. 

What we have noticed is, for some clients who have been procrastinating on completing their documents, there has been a surge of getting those things done and good for you!

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