You CAN get VA benefits... if you're persistent!

I sat down to my computer today and upon reviewing e-mails I found a message from the daughter of a client who I’ve been assisting in her quest to receive the VA Aid and Attendance benefit to help pay for her care in an Assisted Living facility. To my pleasure the message was that the client received her first check for the month of December 2020. Note, though, that I’ve been working on the application process for her benefit since 2019!! Yes, constant paperwork had to be submitted and resubmitted but finally the award came through! The family of my client was feeling desperate—the client’s meager savings was depleting to the point that they didn’t know where next month’s care fee was coming from. You should have seen my smile!!

Yes, VA assistance is out there—it takes qualification and perseverance but it’s there and will come through if you keep plodding through the paperwork! With the help of the Nawrocki Center our client was able to get that well deserved benefit and we can do that for you as well. If you have an aged parent who is a veteran or a spouse of a veteran we can help. In the case above, the client will receive benefits retroactive to the date of application.  This knowledge is a relief for her and her family, knowing that the benefit will keep her safe and well taken care of for the rest of her life.

The message: Don’t forgot about potential VA benefits.  We can help. Contact us, we’re here!

Nancy C. Nawrocki

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