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I established my law firm because I see myself as a champion for my clients, helping them protect what they have spent a lifetime accumulating.

Life is no longer simple and simple documents generally don’t serve most clients today.

My practice focuses on long-term care planning, estate planning, probate, guardianship, planning for special needs and the second half of life.

I strive to assist clients in every stage of their lives including planning for what will happen if they pass away but also what will happen if they live with a long term or chronic illness for an extended period and need care or assistance.

As my clients look forward to retirement I help implement a plan with all the considerations of the second half of life, no matter what the journey may be.

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Beware: Your Estate May Contain an Unnecessary Bypass Trust

A once-popular estate planning tool may now cost families more in taxes than it saves. Changes in the estate tax have made the "bypass trust" a less appealing option for many families.

Nursing Home Care Costs Are Only Slightly Higher in 2016

The median cost of a private nursing home room in the United States has increased slightly to $92,378 a year, up 1.24 percent from 2015, according to Genworth's 2016 Cost of Care survey, which the insurer conducts annually.

Medicaid's Benefits for Assisted Living Facility Residents

Almost all state Medicaid programs will cover some assisted living costs, although there may be a waiting list.

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Four Social Security Myths Debunked

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the Social Security system. Here are four common myths and the truth about how Social Security works and its future prospects.

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