March 2018

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Message From Peter

Most of our completed estate plans include a set of copies organized in a binder or folder with tab dividers separating your documents for easy reference.  This binder or folder also includes additional documents to make it easier for the person you have chosen to handle your affairs.  Some of the documents we include are as follows: 

  • Instructions on what to do if something happens to you;
  • A letter providing the location of important documents; 
  • Documents to list an accounting of all assets so that nothing is missed; and
  • A document where you can provide any thoughts or instructions regarding your memorial arrangements. 

Completing these documents, and making sure that the person you have chosen to handle these things for you knows where you are keeping your binder or folder, will make a difficult situation a little bit easier for them to handle, when that time comes.  Always remember to look through all of your final estate planning documents after you have picked them up from our office, and from time to time, to keep these supplemental documents current. 

Proving That a Transfer Was Not Made in Order to Qualify for Medicaid

Medicaid law imposes a penalty period if you transferred assets within five years of applying, but what if the transfers had nothing to do with Medicaid? It is difficult to do, but if you can prove you made the transfers for a purpose other than to...

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New Federal Law Puts Focus on Preventing Elder Abuse

A new federal law is designed to address the growing problem of elder abuse. The law supports efforts to better understand, prevent, and combat both financial and physical elder abuse.

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Florida School Shooting Hits Home for ElderLawAnswers Member Attorney

Florida ElderLawAnswers member attorney Howard S. Krooks was at work on February 14 when he received a text from his son, Noah, a ninth-grader at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. 

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Long-Term Care Insurer Cannot Be Sued for Elder Financial Abuse

Long-term care insurance policyholders were dealt a blow by the Oregon Supreme Court when it ruled that the state's elder financial abuse statute does not apply to their case.

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Report Finds Lack of Government Oversight of Assisted Living Facilities

The government is spending billions to fund assisted living services through Medicaid, but government oversight and regulation of assisted living facilities is lacking, according to a new government report.


A Guidebook to Planning for Old Age

Are you ready for old age? An essential and empowering book addresses the important issues and directs readers to a myriad of resources to help them plan for the realities of aging.  

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