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Happy summer!  We hope this finds you enjoying the beautiful New England weather, and planning your summer vacations.  As has been the theme for many past issues, this newsletter has several articles on the importance of being informed, being an advocate (or having someone who can advocate on your behalf), and understanding and securing your wealth.

On the knowledge and advocacy topics, we have articles about Medicare and Medicaid.  Knowing whether your state still can utilize the three month retroactive benefits for Medicaid (and understanding when you need to apply).  The other article explains the criteria for qualifying for home-health services under Medicare.

So many of our clients, when doing planning, have difficulty figuring out how much money they'll need to retire, and how long their money may last.  There are several free services available with calculators to help with these determinations. However, most people benefit from working with an experience financial planner to get the best result both in the short term and the long term.  And, while we're discussing wealth accumulation, another article discusses frequent financial scams that seniors fall prey to and how to avoid them.

As always, should you have any questions, concerns or would like to further discuss any of these (or other) issues, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

Henry C Weatherby
Weatherby & Associates, PC

More States Asking to Eliminate Retroactive Medicaid Benefits

Arizona and Florida are the latest states to request a waiver from the requirement that states provide three months of retroactive Medicaid coverage to eligible Medicaid recipients.

Seniors Often Must Fight for Medicare Home Health Benefits

Medicare is mandated to cover your home health benefits with no limit on the time you are covered. Unfortunately, few Medicare beneficiaries get the full level of service to which they are entitled. 

New Brokerage Account Safeguards Aim to Protect Seniors From Financial Scams

New rules have been put in place to protect seniors with brokerage accounts from financial scams that could drain the accounts before anyone notices.

Finding the Best Retirement Calculators

Figuring out how much to save for retirement and when you can safely stop working can be difficult. A growing number of online retirement calculators, many of them free, are available to help.

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