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Lisa J. Friedlander
Attorney at Law
91 Auburn Street

Portland, ME 04103
(207) 655-9007

Estate Planning does not have to be expensive - contact me to discuss your needs and your options.

In The News

Getting Comfortable With Estate Planning Terminology
Some people feel uncomfortable meeting with an attorney to discuss their...

Is It Better to Remarry or Just Live Together?
Finding love later in life may be unexpected and exciting, but should it lead to marriage? The considerations are much different for an older couple with adult children and retire...

New Study Views the 'Sandwich Generation' From a Multicultural Perspective
An AARP study of members of the 'sandwich generation''”baby boomers caring for both young children and older parents or other older adults'”has revealed some surprising findings on...

Five Planning Pointers for Parents with Disabled Children
A parent is irreplaceable, but someone will have to fill in if the worst happens.

Where’s My New Medicare Card? How to Find Out the Status

The federal government has begun mailing new Medicare cards to 59 million Americans. You should keep track of when your new card will arrive and contact Medicare if you don't receive it.

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