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In The News

Say a Little Prayer: Aretha Franklin Had No Will, and a Child With Special Needs
According to court documents, legendary singer Aretha Franklin did not have a will when she died, meaning there are no specific protections for a son with special needs.

Can a Special Needs Trust Pay for Housing Without Reducing SSI Benefits?
Trustees of special needs trusts generally have wide discretion in determining whether to distribute funds to trust beneficiaries. But if the person with disabilities receives SSI, care should be taken when using trust funds to pay for housing.

Senate Bill Would Set Up Federal Office of Disability Policy
A new Senate bill would create an Office of Disability Policy to analyze the impact of proposed federal legislation, regulations and guidance documents on individuals with disabilities.

Deadline for Electronic Check-in for Home Care Workers Pushed Back
Congress has passed and President Trump has signed a law delaying by one year the requirement that providers of home health care services clock in electronically with Medicaid prior to performing services. 

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