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Pooled Trusts: Should You Consider Taking a Dip?
Trusts where the funds of many people with special needs are “pooled” may be a better option for some people than the conventional special needs trust, depending on the circumstances.
A New Congressional Effort to Curb Restraint and Seclusion in Schools
Lawmakers have introduced new bills in both houses of Congress seeking to end schools’ use of disciplinary techniques traditionally employed disproportionately against students with disabilities. 

Should a Special Needs Trust Buy a Home for a Beneficiary?
Although homeownership can be empowering for someone with disabilities, purchasing the home through a special needs trust may be in the beneficiary’s best interests.
Children's Deaths at N.J. Nursing Home Underscore Enforcement Shortcomings
A virus outbreak at a New Jersey nursing home that killed 11 children has focused attention on enforcement of basic health and sanitary standards at facilities, particularly those with ventilator-dependent children.

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