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Spring Greetings!

Has it been awhile since you looked at your Will and Powers of Attorney (financial and health care)? You might want to use "tax season" as the reminder to review your docs each year. If even the process of locating the docs is challenging, nail that down now and return to that place each year. It is amazing how many times one or more of the docs can't be located, or they are in adequate or outdated. If you can't understand what they do, you probably have tax planning in them that needs to be reviewed. 






Getting Paid as a Family Caregiver Through Medicaid
Caring for an ailing family member is difficult work, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be unpaid work. There are programs available that allow Medicaid recipients to hire family members as caregivers. 
Report Ranks States on Nursing Home Quality and Shows Families' Conflicted Views
A new report that combines nursing home quality data with a survey of family members ranks the best and worst states for care and paints a picture of how Americans view nursing homes.

Protecting Your House After You Move Into a Nursing Home
While you generally do not have to sell your home in order to qualify for Medicaid coverage of nursing home care, it is possible the state can file a claim against your house after you die, so you may want to take steps to protect your house. 
What a Good Long-Term Care Insurance Policy Should Include
As long-term care costs continue to rise, long-term care insurance can help cover expenses, but long-term care insurance contracts are notoriously confusing. How do you figure out what is right for you?

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