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With warmer weather right around the corner, we will all be getting out more and enjoying all that our lovely state has to offer.  Now is a good time to ensure your estate plan is in place and up to date.  Please take a few minutes to contact our office at 303.877.8921 to schedule an appointment to discuss any changes you might be considering in your plan.  We look forward to hearing from you.  

Following are several articles that I found of interest, and  I hope you do as well.  Please feel free to share an article or two or the entire newsletter with family and friends.  


An Up to $7,500 Tax Credit for the Elderly and Disabled

Low-income seniors and people with disabilities could save up to $7,500 this year through the Senior Tax Credit for the Elderly and Disabled. 

A Tax Break to Help Working Parents Pay for Day Care

Paying for day care is one of the biggest expenses faced by working adults with young children, a child with a disability or a dependent parent, but a tax credit can help these working caregivers.

How Parents Can Provide for a Caregiver Child
Taking care of a parent can be a full-time job. Parents who want to compensate a child who takes on the burden of caregiving may do so in one of several ways.
Using a Donor-Advised Fund May Be a Way to Get a Charitable Tax Break Under the New Tax Law
Donor-advised funds are a growing trend in giving that may get more popular due to the new tax law.
10 Reasons to Create an Estate Plan Now
Many people think that estate plans may be for someone else, but certainly not them. Here are ten compelling reasons to set up an estate plan, no matter what your age or net worth.
So, You've Been Appointed Trustee of a Trust? Here Are 9 Do's and 1 Don't
Whether it's an honor or a burden (or both), you have been appointed trustee of a trust. What responsibilities have been thrust upon you? How can you successfully carry them out?...
Be Aware of the Dangers of Joint Accounts
While joint accounts can be useful in certain circumstances, they can have dire consequences if not used properly.

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