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Special Needs Hawaii - June 2019 Edition

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Federal Housing Agency (Finally) Releases ABLE Guidance
At long last, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has said how ABLE accounts will affect eligibility for Section 8 vouchers, public housing and a host of other federal housing programs -- and the news is good.
Uber, Lyft Sued Over Wheelchair Access
Disability rights groups are suing both Uber and Lyft for failing to provide wheelchair-accessible ride-share vehicles.
Study Finds Big Health Benefits When SSDI Recipients Have Ready Access to Medigap Coverage
A new study finds that SSDI beneficiaries in states that make it easier for those with disabilities to get Medigap policies are substantially healthier than those in states that restrict access for those under age 65.
Disability Advocates Wary of Proposed Medicaid Funding Changes
A recent push by the federal government to change Medicaid’s funding structure is raising concerns among disability rights advocates that the effort will slash funding for necessary services.

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