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Hello friends and clients,

This month we have some Medicaid Planning tips for you and an article explaining the difference between a living will and a DNR order. Contact me if you have any questions.

Regards, Brian

Be Careful, Gifts Can Affect Medicaid Eligibility
We’ve all heard that it’s better to give than to receive, but if you think you might someday want to apply for Medicaid long-term care benefits,...

Protecting Your House from Medicaid Estate Recovery
After a Medicaid recipient dies, the state must attempt to recoup from his or her estate whatever benefits it paid for the recipient's care. This is called "estate recovery." For...

What Is the Difference Between a Living Will and a Do-Not-Resuscitate Order?
It is a very good idea to create advance directives in order to plan for the possibility that you may one day be unable to make your own medical decisions. In doing so, there can...

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