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Special Needs Hawaii - August 2019 Edition

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Is it Time to Review Your Special Needs Plans?
It is important to regularly review your special needs plans to ensure it is still relevant. Here are some questions to ask:
  • Have my choices for Trustee changed? Are they still involved in my child's life?
  • Does my child receive SSI, SSDI, Medicaid or Medicare? Am I preparing to apply for them?
  • Should I apply for guardianship for any of my family members?
  • Does my child have any assets in his or her name today? How much?
  • Have I developed a financial plan?
  • Have I written a Letter of Intent?
  • Is my estate plan or my child's Special Needs Trust "funded"?

We can help.

Our Special Needs Plan Review services begin with a consultation with your family to determine if your plan is up to date. We can help you evaluate whether updates are necessary and make recommendations to ensure your plan addresses all of your goals, is properly funded, and will operate the way you've intended. Contact us today!


Passing Retirement Benefits to a Child with Special Needs: It's Complicated

Many parents have their retirement savings socked away in 401(k)s and IRAs.  There are ways for beneficiaries to avoid paying taxes on the funds prematurely, but when a beneficiary has special needs, things get thorny.

New Law Ensures That the Needs of People with Disabilities Are Part of Disaster Planning

A new law expands the federal government's responsibilities to accommodate people with disabilities in natural disaster and emergency preparedness planning. 

Study Finds Many Doctors Unaware of Their Legal Duties to Treat People with Disabilities

A new study suggests that many physicians are woefully uneducated about their legal obligations to accommodate people with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Report: Recent Declines in Medicaid Coverage Linked to Paperwork Obstacles

A report finds that 1.6 million fewer people received Medicaid and CHIP in 2018, primarily due to paperwork hurdles confronted during the re-eligibility process.

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