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Elder Law and Special Needs News

August 2019

 To Clients, Colleagues and Friends: 

Congratulations to Certified Elder Law Attorney Julian E. Gray for being selected for the fourth consecutive year to the Nation’s Top 1% list by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel.

Featured Articles

New Law Ensures That the Needs of People with Disabilities Are Part of Disaster Planning

A new law expands the federal government's responsibilities to accommodate people with disabilities in natural disaster and emergency preparedness planning. 

Medicaid's Gift to Children Who Help Parents Postpone Nursing Home Care
There are circumstances in which transferring a house will not result in a Medicaid penalty period, and one of those is if the Medicaid applicant transfers the house to a "caretaker child."

What's In The News

New Rule Once Again Allows Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements
The Trump administration is officially rolling back a ban on the use of arbitration agreements by nursing homes, once again allowing nursing facilities to ask families to give up their right to sue over patient injuries or deaths.
Passing Retirement Benefits to a Child with Special Needs: It's Complicated

Many parents have their retirement savings socked away in 401(k)s and IRAs.  There are ways for beneficiaries to avoid paying taxes on the funds prematurely, but when a beneficiary has special needs, things get thorny.

Should You Sell Your Life Insurance Policy?
Older Americans with a life insurance policy that they no longer need have the option to sell the policy to investors. These transactions, called "life settlements," can bring in needed cash, but are they a good idea?

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