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Special Needs Hawaii - September 2019 Edition

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Is it Time to Review Your Special Needs Plans?
It is important to regularly review your special needs plans to ensure it is still relevant. Here are some questions to ask:
  • Have my choices for Trustee changed? Are they still involved in my child's life?
  • Does my child receive SSI, SSDI, Medicaid or Medicare? Am I preparing to apply for them?
  • Should I apply for guardianship for any of my family members?
  • Does my child have any assets in his or her name today? How much?
  • Have I developed a financial plan?
  • Have I written a Letter of Intent?
  • Is my estate plan or my child's Special Needs Trust "funded"?

We can help.

Our Special Needs Plan Review services begin with a consultation with your family to determine if your plan is up to date. We can help you evaluate whether updates are necessary and make recommendations to ensure your plan addresses all of your goals, is properly funded, and will operate the way you've intended. Contact us today!


Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Trustee for Your Special Needs Trust
The choice of trustee is one of the most important decisions you’ll make regarding your special needs trust.  Here are five questions to keep in mind when considering who will serve in this crucial role.
When Should You Consider Changing Your Special Needs Plan’s Key Players?
A good special needs plan involves many key players, including a guardian, a health care proxy, an executor, a trustee and possibly a trust protector.  It’s a good idea to review these selections on a regular basis, because change is inevitable.
Dental Care Becoming More Disability Inclusive
Dental care rarely gets attention as a disability rights issue, but numerous people with disabilities suffer from inadequate and inaccessible dental care.  There are signs this may be changing.
Possible Change to How the Government Measures Inflation Raises Concerns for Those with Disabilities
The government is considering changing its inflation calculation in a way that could mean  millions of children, seniors and people with disabilities losing access to vital programs, and less money for those who still qualify.

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