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I hope you are enjoying the holiday season with friends and family.  This is such a hectic time of year for everyone; however, you don't want to let time slip away from you if you are considering making any changes in your estate plan.  Perhaps you and your family have been discussing your estate plan and questions or concerns have arisen during those discussions.  Please feel free to contact Kaeble Law and schedule an appointment to discuss those questions or concerns in more detail.  Please call our office at 303.877.8921 and schedule your appointment before 2019 slips away.  

Kaeble Law would like to wish you and your family a very happy and joyous holiday season.

Following are several articles that I found of interest; I hope you do as well.  Please feel free to share an article or two or the entire newsletter with family and friends.  


Medicare Premiums to Increase By Almost $10 a Month in 2020
After small or no increases the past couple of years, Medicare’s Part B premium will rise sharply in 2020. The basic monthly premium will increase $9.10, from $135.50 a month to $144.60.

Medicaid's Treatment of the Home
Nursing home residents do not automatically have to sell their homes in order to qualify for Medicaid, but that doesn't mean the house is completely protected.
Home Care Costs Rise Sharply in Annual Long-Term Care Cost Survey
When it comes to long-term care costs, the charges for home care are now rising faster than those for nursing home care, according to Genworth's 2019 Cost of Care survey.
IRS Issues Long-Term Care Premium Deductibility Limits for 2020
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced the amount taxpayers can deduct from their 2020 income as a result of buying long-term care insurance.
Should 529 Funds Be Transferred to an ABLE Account?

Due to recent tax law changes, families with special needs children may be thinking about rolling existing 529 funds into ABLE accounts. But before you do, make sure you understand how these two accounts work and how they differ.

Report: People with Disabilities Discriminated Against in Organ Transplant Decisions

The agency overseeing federal disability rights policy has issued a report finding that people with disabilities are frequently denied consideration for heart, kidney, liver and other organ transplants. 

Supreme Court Lets Stand Ruling That Domino’s Website and App Must Be Accessible

The U.S. Supreme Court will not hear the appeal of a ruling that Domino's Pizza's website is a “place of public accommodation” and that it must make its website and app accessible to a blind person.  

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