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Elder Law and Special Needs News

January 2020

 To Clients, Colleagues and Friends:

We are pleased to announce that Certified Elder Law Attorney Cindy S. Alvear will participate as a Board Member for the Special Olympics Pennsylvania (SOPA) in 2020 for a three-year term.

Julian Gray Associates Announces the Opening

of Our Peters Township Office

As part of our commitment to serve our clients throughout the South Hills of Pittsburgh and Washington County, Julian Gray Associates is pleased to announce the opening of our second office in McMurray, PA.

Located at Washington Circle, next to Franco’s Trattoria, this office is conveniently situated in the heart of Peters Township. Our team is available to meet with current and prospective clients that are closer to that location.

The firm owner and founder, Julian Gray has this to say about the new location, “We are proud to expand our footprint further into the South Hills. As the only Certified Elder Law Attorneys in Peters Township, we are proud of the dedication that we are bringing to our clients and their families”.

Peters Township Office -  By Appointment Only:

4150 Washington Road, Suite 212 McMurray, PA 15317

Featured Articles

Swedish Death Cleaning: A Practice That Enhances Life While Preparing for Death
Swedish Death Cleaning is the practice of de-cluttering your living space in contemplation of your own passing, so your loved ones will not have to do so after your death. 
New Law Makes Big Changes to Retirement Plans
A spending bill signed into law by the President contains major changes to retirement plans. The bipartisan legislation is designed to provide more incentives to save for retirement, but it may require workers to rethink some of their planning.

What's In The News

Feds Release 2020 Guidelines Used to Protect the Spouses of Medicaid Applicants
The federal government has released the 2020 federal guidelines for how much money the spouses of Medicaid recipients may keep, as well as related Medicaid figures.
What Happens to an ABLE Account If the Beneficiary Is No Longer Disabled?

If an ABLE account has been set up for a person with special needs, what happens to the account if the beneficiary no longer qualifies as “disabled” according to IRS regulations due to medical improvement or inaccurate diagnosis?

Understanding the Differences Between a Living Trust and an Irrevocable Trust

You may be thinking about setting up a trust. Before you commit to a plan, make sure you understand the differences between the two basic types of trusts.  

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