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The Miller Minute

February 2020

Millers Financial Group
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A publication by Millers Financial Group that informs parents of children with special needs on current financial and legal matters.  Feel free to pass these articles along to family, friends and colleagues.

New Retirement Law Changes Special Needs Planning
As 2019 drew to a close, Congress passed a spending bill that includes significant changes to retirement savings accounts. For families with special needs members, these changes will have an impact on estate planning.
Congress Reverses Recent Changes to the Kiddie Tax
The same end-of-year bill that made major changes to retirement savings accounts also includes significant tax changes for people with assets in a special needs trust for a minor.

Social Security Payments Rise Slightly for 2020
This year's cost-of-living increase for Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance recipients is just 1.6 percent, a sharp drop from last year's 2.8 percent increase.
Proposed Rule Could Make Proving Housing Discrimination Against Those with Disabilities Harder
It could soon be significantly more difficult for people with disabilities to pursue discrimination claims under the Fair Housing Act if new federal regulations take effect.


Mike Miller is the founder of Millers Financial Group.  He is also the parent of a child with a disability.  It is through his own personal journey that he discovered the distinct challenges that parents face when trying to plan for their financial future.

Mike has earned the designation of Chartered Special Needs Consultant® and can provide guidance to parents on a broad range of financial topics including special needs trusts; wills; power-of-attorney; guardianship; Social Security and Medicaid, and more. 

For many of the firm's clients, their greatest concern is preserving the quality of life of a loved one with a disability who may outlive the caregivers’ ability to provide support. Mike walks with them through a decision-making process about their child’s future - such as housing, guardianship, government benefits, special needs trusts, and funding the potential cost of lifetime care.

Mike is a regular speaker and supporter at organizations and schools that support parents of children with disabilities.  

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