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Monthly Newsletter

March 2020



In an effort to continue to accommodate fulfilling your legal needs, but also in effort to help stem or slow the impact of COVID-19, we have adopted the following set of guidelines:

For those clients who wish to keep their existing scheduled appointments, we will do so.  We will follow the practices of keeping “social distance”, which means we will try to avoid shaking hands, or other personal contact, we will clean and disinfect work surfaces and will encourage washing of hands or use of hand sanitizer. 

Further, for those clients who wish, we will accommodate appointments by telephone conference, video conference, Skype, Facetime, or “Zoom” where feasible. 

We can also arrange for “drive by” document signing so you will not have to leave your vehicle. 

If you are submitting documents, if possible, submit them by email, fax, or regular US Mail. 

Some of our clients are elderly and disabled, and even if you are healthy, we want to make sure to limit any exposure that might affect those who are medically vulnerable.  Accordingly, if you have any kind of illness, please let us know, and if possible, limit your interactions with our office, to avoid the kind of transfer that could impact those who are more vulnerable than you are. 

It is our goal to keep “business as usual”, as much as possible, and the hope is that this is simply a temporary measure. 

Remember, we are all in this together, and we will work through it. 

Peter E. Grosskopf
Grosskopf Law Office, LLC

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