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401 S. Market Street
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We are receiving phone calls and scheduling appointments. We are continuing to hold most appointments by phone or video conferencing, but there are limited in-person appointments available.

(570) 784-5211

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3 - Guardianships/Life Care Planning

4 - Market Street Abstract Company

5 - Attorney Mike Gregorowicz

6 - Attorney Bill Kreisher

7 - Attorneys Marianne Kreisher & Marissa Marshall

Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC wishes to thank all essential front-line workers for being the calm in the storm and showing us everyday what is good in our community.

In The News

Pandemic Relief: Retirement Account Owners Do Not Have to Take Required Distributions in 2020

Retirement account owners, many of whose retirement balances have been pummeled by a stock market drop due to the coronavirus pandemic, do not have to take mandatory withdrawals this year. 

Three Reasons Why Giving Your House to Your Children Isn’t the Best Way to Protect It From Medicaid
You may be afraid of losing your home if you have to enter a nursing home and apply for Medicaid. While this fear is well-founded, transferring the home to your children is usual...

A Modest Raise for Nursing Home Workers Could Save 15,000 Lives a Year: Study

Raising the minimum wage by as little as 10 percent would significantly improve the safety and health of nursing home residents, according to new research.

Seniors Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic Have More Time to Apply for Medicare or Change Plans

The closure of Social Security offices has caused problems and worries for recently unemployed seniors who need to apply for Medicare after losing their employer coverage. In response, the federal government has announced that seniors affected by the crisis have additional time to enroll in Medicare or change plans.

Tips on Creating an Estate Plan that Benefits a Child with Special Needs
Parents want their children to be taken care of after they die. But children with disabilities have increased financial and care needs, so ensuring their long-term welfare can be...

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