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June 2020

With graduation season (albeit a "non-traditional graduation season) upon us, we have included a previously published article regarding the importance of life care planning with Powers of Attorney for high school graduates.  Our office has always been a strong advocate for advance life care planning, regardless of one's age.  The pandemic and the uncertainties regarding how COVID-19 might impact us, should we or a loved one contract the virus, however, has made the case for the importance of planning ahead and having these documents in place (with the hope that the documents are never needed).  If, after, reading the article, you or someone you love, would like more information regarding life care planning, with Powers of Attorney for Health Care and Property, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

During Phase 3, our office remains committed to doing our part in helping to keep our clients, staff, and community safe and healthy.  As such, meetings (not requiring documents to be signed) will continue to be conducted either via telephone or video conferencing. If you or someone you know would like to schedule a telephone or video conference with one of our attorneys, please contact our staff directly either via email or telephone.  Again, we thank you and appreciate your understanding and patience, as we make every effort to support our clients, staff, and our communities, while continuing to navigate these uncharted waters.

Gift Idea for the High School Graduate in your Life
Looking for the perfect gift for the high school graduate in your family?  If so, consider a gift certificate to meet with an attorney to learn about and to create Durable...

Seniors Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic Have More Time to Apply for Medicare or Change Plans
The closure of Social Security offices has affected unemployed seniors who need to apply for Medicare after losing their employer health coverage. These seniors now have more time to enroll in Medicare or change plans.

States May Not Terminate Medicaid Benefits During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Access to affordable medical care is especially important during a health crisis. New federal law prevents states that have accepted increased Medicaid funding from terminating Medicaid benefits during the coronavirus health emergency.

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