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We are receiving phone calls and scheduling appointments. We are continuing to hold most appointments by phone or video conferencing, but there are limited in-person appointments available.

(570) 784-5211

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7 - Attorneys Marianne Kreisher & Marissa Marshall

Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC wishes to thank all essential front-line workers for being the calm in the storm and showing us everyday what is good in our community.

In The News

Will Medicare Cover a Coronavirus Vaccine?

With the coronavirus pandemic disrupting life across the United States, the only way for the country to return to normal is an effective vaccine. When a vaccine is available, Medicare will cover the cost. 

Four Ways the Coronavirus Pandemic May Affect Long-Term Care Insurance
The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on those in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. This has raised questions about how the virus has influenced the costs and provision of long-term care insurance.
How to Deal With Student Loan Debt as You Age

The number of older Americans with student loan debt – either theirs or someone else’s -- is growing. Sadly, learning how to deal with this debt is now a fact of life for many seniors heading into retirement.

Caregiver Contracts: How to Pay a Family Member for Care

Although many people are willing to voluntarily care for a parent or loved one without any promise of compensation, entering into a caregiver contract with a family member can have many benefits. 

Activities of Daily Living Measure the Need for Long-Term Care Assistance

Most long-term care involves assisting with basic personal needs rather than providing medical care.

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