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Elder Law and Special Needs News

August 2020

 To Clients, Colleagues and Friends:

You can now register for the Virtual Mini-Healthcare Professional's Conference taking place on Tuesday, September 1, 2020 from 8:00am to Noon.

Registration and continuing education credits are free!

More information and registration can be found at

Featured Articles

Is There Ever a “Right Time” to Add an Adult Child to Your Bank Account?
Certified Elder Law Attorney Cindy Alvear covers the pros and cons of adding an adult child to a bank account.
Caregiver Contracts: How to Pay a Family Member for Care
Although many people are willing to voluntarily care for a parent or loved one without any promise of compensation, entering into a caregiver contract with a family member can have many benefits.

What's In The News

Will Medicare Cover a Coronavirus Vaccine?
With the coronavirus pandemic disrupting life across the United States, the only way for the country to return to normal is an effective vaccine. When a vaccine is available, Medicare will cover the cost.
Child Support and Special Needs: Six Important Questions

Parents of a child with special needs know that they must plan for the child’s care and support, especially if the child is unlikely ever to be able to earn an income.  If divorce is looming, be sure to learn the answers to these key questions.

Long-Reviled Military ‘Widow’s Tax’ Is Finally Being Phased Out
A controversial policy that reduces the benefits of military spouses is on the way out. The so-called “widow’s tax” cuts assistance to surviving military spouses who qualify for benefits under two different military benefit programs.

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