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As I write this note, the warm weather of last week has turned much colder, and last night we saw our first snowfall of November (not very much, but a sure sign of things to come).

During these uncertain COVID times, we want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving, but perhaps more importantly this year, a safe Thanksgiving.  The COVID numbers are high across the country, but Wisconsin is one of the highest states per capita in the country, and we simply must do better.  News of breakthroughs in the development of vaccines sounds promising, but in the meantime, wearing a mask, social distancing and staying home when you can, are some of our best options. 

Happy Thanksgiving and please stay safe.

Click here for information from the CDC COVID-19 website

Please Note:  Our office will be closed November 26th and November 27th for Thanksgiving.  While we may be spending this Thanksgiving away from our extended families we hope that you all are able to find something to be thankful for this year.

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