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Paralegal Role in Law Offices

A good paralegal is an extremely valuable asset to any law firm.  Not only do attorneys rely on their skills, but paralegals are important to clients as they use their time efficiently and provide the client necessary legal assistant services at a much lower rate than that of the attorney.  

Legal actions are like snowflakes, no two are alike.  Paralegals must be detail oriented.  A good paralegal will recognize the unique specifics in each case and ensure that the necessary documentation for every action is collected.  One of the most important roles for a paralegal is drafting legal documents.  Paralegals must use all of their skills to ensure documents are written according to the instructions of the attorney. 

Paralegals must have excellent communication skills.   Every day paralegals communicate with clients, other law offices, courts, and other government employees.  Effective communication skills, electronically, in person, and on the telephone are vital skills for paralegals to possess.

Organizational skills are key to paralegals.  Paralegals ensure the proper and efficient running of a law office.  Paralegals schedule consultations and client interviews for the attorneys as well as ensuring the attorney has ample time to prepare for court, depositions, and other various engagements.  They must keep track of court dates and other due dates for every legal action in the office.  Paralegals must prioritize their workload as different actions have differing timelines and emergency legal issues may arise. 

Paralegals are instrumental in law offices in that they allow the attorney to focus on the major aspects of the case.  However, paralegals are not allowed to give legal advice or decide what cases to take.  They work under the supervision of their attorney.

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