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Special Needs Hawaii - March 2021 Edition

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Is It Possible to Put a Retirement Plan in a Special Needs Trust?
Retirement plans often make up a significant portion of the assets of parents of children with special needs, or of individuals who have become disabled as adults.  In such c...
Resources for Travelers with Special Needs Are Only a Click Away
Travel is supposed to let you get away from it all. But it doesn’t always feel that way for families traveling with children with special needs. Despite passage of the Ameri...
The Top Five Responsibilities of a Trustee of a Special Needs Trust
Trustees of special needs trusts have many important responsibilities, but these five likely rank at the top of any trustee's list.
Guardianship Can Have Its Limits
Guardianship can be an important process if your dependent has trouble making decisions, but it isn't for everyone.

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