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April, 2021

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A special message from Lisa Beatty of the Nawrocki Center:

How the SECURE Act Affects Your IRA

COVID-19 and the ensuing pandemic certainly overshadowed many important changes to our lives – we now all have worries ranging from toilet paper shortages to health crises, loss of loved ones, livelihoods, educations, etc.  We’ve been forced to reassess how we budget, socialize, invest – even think.

One of many changes that affected a large number of Americans was the SECURE Act of 2019...

Nawrocki Center Offers FREE Webinars
To help keep or clients and friends appraised of the latest developments in Elder Law, we are offering FREE Webinars on Elder Law topics of interest, at specific scheduled times,...

How the $1.9 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Bill Aids Seniors
President Biden has signed the latest COVID-19 relief bill, which in addition to authorizing stimulus checks, funding vaccine distribution, and extending unemployment benefits, also provides assistance to seniors in a number of ways.

Biden Administration Eases Recommended Restrictions on Nursing Home Visits
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has issued new guidance on whether families can visit loved ones in nursing homes. The guidance allows indoor visitation even when the resident has not been vaccinated.

The Film 'I Care a Lot' Highlights Vulnerabilities in the Guardianship System
Netflix’s popular new movie, "I Care a Lot," may be far-fetched in a lot of ways, but it does highlight some real weaknesses in the guardianship system. Fortunately, steps can be taken to avoid the kind of nightmare the film portrays.

Medicaid's Coverage of Nursing Home Care
For better and for worse, Medicaid is the primary method of paying for nursing home care in the United States. But navigating the Medicaid system is complicated and confusing. Here are the basics.

The Top Eight Mistakes People Make With Medicaid
Medicaid planning can be a difficult and confusing process. Getting assistance from a qualified attorney will help you avoid these common mistakes.

What is Long-Term Care and Who Provides It?
Long-term care is the care you need if you can’t perform daily activities on your own for an extended period of time. There are a number of different ways that this kind of care can be provided.

Congress Fixes Some, But Not All, Medicare Enrollment Problems
Tucked into the federal spending bill that passed at the end of December 2020 are some changes aimed at simplifying Medicare enrollment and addressing coverage gaps. But Congress chose not to deal with the biggest problem.

Nursing Home Residents Face Even Greater Barriers to Voting Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
The coronavirus pandemic has forced nursing homes to place a number of restrictions on their residents. These constraints are having the unintended consequence of making it more difficult for nursing home residents to vote.

Medicare Beneficiaries May Be Eligible for an Extra 100 days of Skilled Nursing Coverage Due to Pandemic
Medicare beneficiaries who qualified for skilled nursing facility (SNF) coverage may be eligible for an additional 100 days of coverage. Whether beneficiaries can actually get the extended coverage is another question.

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