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When executing your Last Will and Testament, you will name a Personal Representative to handle your affairs after your death. Below is a brief list of the duties that the Personal Representative will perform.  Of course, an experienced Probate attorney will simplify the entire process.

Personal Representative Duties and Responsibilities

  1.  Gather information and take to attorney regarding:  Heirs and Beneficiaries, Debts, Medical: Assets, Real Estate, Titles, Personal Property, Stocks and Bonds, and Insurance. 
  2. Post bond, if required by the Court. Check with the attorney to see if this is required.
  3. Deliver all Insurance policies to the agent or company so that the beneficiaries will receive the proceeds from the policy as soon as possible.
  4. We recommend that all questions regarding the probate proceedings be funneled through the personal representative so there will not be a repetition of questions. 
  5.  Start Bank Accounts
  6. Maintain Property.
  7. Keep a complete listing of any of your own expenses, such a mileage, long distance phone calls, etc.
  8. Determine if the deceased had a safe deposit box and where held.
  9. Furnish the attorney with the social security number of the deceased and a copy of the last income tax return of the deceased.
  10. Maintain a complete and precise bookkeeping system of ALL income received and ALL expenses incurred during the course of the probate proceedings.
  11. In the event any 1099 forms or any tax forms are received by the Estate, including K-1s, dividend statements or the like, all such documents must be given to the attorney within a reasonable time of your receipt. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 715-825-6196. 

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