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Elder Law and Special Needs News

September 2021


Featured Articles

Preserving Your Assets While Qualifying for Medicaid Benefits
Did you know that an elder law attorney can help you protect your assets while your spouse applies and becomes eligible for Medicaid benefits? Certified Elder Law Attorney Karen Timko explains.
Medicaid's Home Care Waivers Can Help You Avoid a Nursing Home, But the Line May Be Long
The federal government can grant “waivers” to states allowing them to expand Medicaid to include home and community-based services. The downside is that states can limit home care and the wait can be long.

What's In The News

Ombudsmen: Front-Line Advocates for Nursing Home Residents

If you are experiencing problems with your nursing home that can't be resolved within the nursing home, your next step is to contact the local ombudsman assigned to the nursing home.

Leaving an IRA to a Special Needs Trust Is No Longer Such a Bad Idea

An exception to the SECURE Act's otherwise stringent rules about distributions from inherited IRAs potentially changes longstanding advice about leaving retirement funds to a special needs trust. 

You May Be Overestimating Your Social Security Benefits
Studies have found that workers overestimate how much they will receive in Social Security benefits when they retire. Having a good understanding of the realities can help you plan for retirement.

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