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Special Needs News

September 2021 Edition

Leaving an IRA to a Special Needs Trust Is No Longer Such a Bad Idea

An exception to the SECURE Act's otherwise stringent rules about distributions from inherited IRAs potentially changes longstanding advice about leaving retirement funds to a special needs trust. 

Never Say Never: Navigating the Appeals Process if You’ve Been Denied Social Security Disability Benefits

The appeals process after being denied Social Security disabilities benefits is a long and winding road, but worth navigating. Here’s what is involved, at every level.

Pandemic Payments Now Won’t Affect SSI Benefits or Eligibility at All
Pandemic-related financial assistance will no longer affect an individual’s eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or the benefit amount, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has announced.
Bill Introduced — Again — to Bring the Supplemental Security Income Program into the 21st Century
The Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act would raise payments to the federal poverty level and adjust income and asset constraints that are denying benefits to legions of people with disabilities and low-income senior citizens.
Learn About Our Areas of PRACTICE

Whether engaging in estate planning to secure a future for yourself and your family, or for a family member with special needs, the Feldman Law Group has you covered. We’re also here for you to help with elder law, conservatorship, probate and real estate matters.

I am very pleased to be hosting a new Webinar with the Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area on November 6th that will address in greater detail the issues that I try to raise with the articles in my newsletters.  It’s called “Rethinking Your Estate Plan – New Strategies for New Laws”. 

The SECURE Act has changed the way inherited IRA accounts are treated and for some families that may change how we think about our estate planning when considering a child with special needs.  



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