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Elder Law and Special Needs News

November 2021

Funding a Special Needs Trust with Real Estate
The family home is very often the most valuable asset in an estate, both financially and emotionally. Having a plan in place that best suits your family’s needs is critical when protecting a loved one with a disability. Certified Elder Law Attorney Jennifer Rose explains the option of Funding a Special Needs Trust with real estate.
In 2022, Social Security Beneficiaries Will See the Biggest Increase in 39 Years
Rising inflation due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic means that in 2022, Social Security benefits will go up 5.9 percent, the sharpest upsurge since 1983. 

What's In The News

Better Than No Loaf: Medicaid Planning Using "Half a Loaf" Strategies
While it is preferable to conduct long-term care planning well in advance of needing care, if you haven’t planned ahead, there are some strategies available to avoid spending all your assets.
“New and Improved” Tax Deductions for Parents of Children with Special Needs

As a handy checklist from a professor and tax expert makes clear, tax benefits for parents of children with special needs have changed due to recent federal legislation.

Hiring a Caregiver: Should You Employ One Yourself or Go Through an Agency?
Many families will eventually have to hire a caregiver to look after an aging relative. There are two main ways to hire someone: directly or through a home health agency.

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