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Elder Law and Special Needs News

April 2022

Workers with Job Success: The Expansion of MAWD Under Act 69
The Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities program in Pennsylvania, commonly known as “MAWD,” offers a solution for many individuals with disabilities by allowing them to make higher earnings and still qualify for full Medical Assistance medical coverage.
Medicaid’s "Snapshot" Date and Its Crucial Impact on a Couple’s Financial Picture
When a married couple applies for Medicaid, the Medicaid agency must analyze the couple’s income and assets as of a particular date to determine eligibility. This “snapshot” date can have a major impact on a couple’s financial future.

What's In The News

Biden Proposes Major Nursing Home Reforms, Most Extensive "In Decades"
The Biden administration has announced far-reaching nursing home reforms. Advocates are calling the proposals, which include the first-ever federal minimum staffing levels, the most significant reforms in decades.
Claiming Social Security Benefits at Age 70
If you are about to turn 70,and have delayed claiming Social Security retirement benefits up till now, you are joining an elite group, but it’s important to know when and how to claim.
When Is It OK for an SNT Trustee to Be Compensated?

Busy trustees deserve payment, but there are important guidelines to follow to determine how — and how much — to bill the trust.

 You Need the Right Quarterback for Your IRA Game Plan!

The IRS is changing the rules in the middle of the game. Certified Elder Law Attorney Rob Schweitzer will reveal the tax planning paradigm shift when it comes to your IRA and why you need to proactively plan with and Elder Law Attorney to win the game.

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