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Special Needs Hawaii - April 2022 Edition

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When Is It OK for an SNT Trustee to Be Compensated?
Question: Should a special needs trust (SNT) trustee be paid, and, if so, how much? Answer: It depends.  The demands on a trustee can vary widely, depending on the size and c...
The Unwinding: Millions Could Lose Medicaid Coverage When the Pandemic Is Declared Over
While declining COVID-19 cases are good news, the end of the pandemic could mean millions of Medicaid recipients, including millions of children, will lose their coverage. Federal...
White House Announces Plan to Help People with Disabilities Navigate Covid-19
The White House has announced several measures to help people with disabilities navigate the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, following criticism that the government has ignored those w...
How to Make Distributions to an SNT Beneficiary Without Disrupting Their SSI
When serving as the trustee of a special needs trust, it is crucial to be careful when making distributions for the benefit of the trust beneficiary.

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