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Special Needs Hawaii Newsletter

Special Needs Hawaii - May 2022 Edition

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SSA Reopens Its Offices While Making It Easier to Apply for SSI Online
The Social Security Administration (SSA) has reopened its more than 1,200 field offices to the public for the first time in two years, and the agency also launched an online tool...
What Can ABLE Account Money Be Spent On?
ABLE (Achieving a Better Life Experience) accounts offer people with disabilities a great, tax-free way to accumulate money without jeopardizing their qualifications for Supplemen...
Three Warning Signs That You May Need a Professional Trustee
Sometimes a parent or relative of a person with special needs will establish a special needs trust for their family member and decide to serve as the sole trustee of the trust. In...
What Can a Special Needs Trust Pay For?
Knowing what the trust can and can't pay for is important to using it properly.

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