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Elder Law and Special Needs News

July 2022

Taxes and Estate Planning: Not One Size Fits All

Certified Elder Law Attorney Rob Schweitzer shows the myriad of tax considerations that one must consider when creating an estate plan. With proper legal advice, it is possible to obtain a favorable outcome.

Supreme Court Rules State Medicaid Programs Can Recoup a Larger Share of Injury Settlements

In a case involving a teen who was catastrophically injured, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that state Medicaid programs may be repaid from settlement funds for future medical expenses.

What's In The News

How to Get Into a Nursing Home as a Medicaid Recipient

While Medicaid helps pay for nursing home care, being admitted to a nursing home as a Medicaid recipient is not always easy. There are several ways to navigate the process, depending on your situation. 

Through PASS, People With Disabilities Can Pursue Work Goals Without Losing SSI Benefits

A program known as PASS offers individuals with disabilities who want to work the opportunity to pursue their professional ambitions while continuing to receive their Supplemental Security Income payment.

Some Social Security Beneficiaries Can Get Retroactive Payments -- But at a Cost

If you need a lot of cash on hand upon retirement, Social Security offers a lump-sum payment option that’s worth six months of retroactive benefits. However, it comes at a cost. It is important to understand the details before agreeing to the payment.<

 Using Trusts to Protect Your Estate for Future Generations

Certified Elder Law Attorney Jennifer Rose will provide insight on different types of Trusts and how they can be useful tools in your estate planning for generations to come.

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